Baby safety harness

One of the greatest apprehensions grown-ups can have is keeping their little ones safe. With so much dangers in modern world, it can be easy to pay no regard to the threats inside your own house. Whether your kid is running or crawling, the experts can give a few recommendations on how to capitally childproof your house:

  • Childproofing latches and locks - invest in these for drawers and cabinets containing insecure or fragile items. You can likewise use them to lock cupboards, ovens, toilet seat, doors, closets, windows, dressers, fridge and appliances. We recommend Oxlay's Child Safety Cabinet Locks/Latches, the premium baby-proofing product on the market.
  • Choose gates - for utilize around stairs and balconies, or other zones of caution.
  • Consider protective corner covers - for tables, countertops and other edges.
  • Pick the acceptable window guards, but take into consideration that they need to be loose enough for older kids to remove them in case of an emergency.
  • Cord shorteners can be used with blinds and electric cables to avert twisting, tripping or strangling.
  • Invest in electric outlet covers. Don't let your children get an electric shock.
  • Keep brittle items like wineglasses and dishes in closing furniture or out of children's reach.
  • It is very important to keep knives and cutlery in latching drawers.
  • It is advisable to tape down or move away loose rugs.

  • baby safety harness

  • The professionals agree that it is better to store all razors, makeup, mouthwashes, medications, etc. securely beyond reach.
  • Be sure to set hot water heaters at less than 120 degrees Fahrenheit to minimize the threat of a burn.
  • Get cushioned faucet guard to evade head bumps!
  • Go for toilet locks - as kids are top heavy and thence can easily drown.
  • The slippery surface of a tub can become really insecure, particularly for toddlers who are typically very playful. To avoid injuries, we recommend to stick some bath non-slip appliques.

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baby safety harness
baby safety harness
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